February 22, 2010

Crowns in the Classroom

I love these new You're A Star Crowns (#2561). They have the Dots on Black pattern, which I love. The crowns have slits in the back so that they fit any size head. The theme in this teacher's class is "Everyone Is a Star in Kindergarten".

I really like that the kids are acting crazy in this photo.

For these Star Crowns, the kids wrote their names on them. This would be a great first day of school activity to learn all the kids' names. Or the kids could wear these on days when there is a substitute teacher. CTP has other crowns, too, for birthdays, graduation, and star of the week. Thanks to Mrs. Hill's Kindergarten class in Grapevine, Texas, for letting me share these photos.

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  1. Love that you have a blog for CTP! Now everyone can benefit from your great ideas! Hope all is well!