October 30, 2010

I Used to be Afraid of Snails

Our local elementary school recieved a grant to re-purpose an unused classroom to make a science lab to be shared by all the K-2 classes. The grant made it possible for them to purchase "real" science lab tables and stools as well as lots of great equipment. When everything came in and it was all set up it looked real "sciencey" but it was a little short on FUN. That's where I came in! They asked if I would be able to add a little color and interest to the room. I knew the CTP science minis bulletin board sets would be a perfect solution.

Welcome to K-2 Science Lab
Go Green!
REAL lab tables and stools.
The room was decorated.  The equipment was in place.
The lab was only missing one thing-the kids.

Then, it was time for Kate's kindergarten class
to go to the science lab.
When she came home that day she announced,
"We dissected snails today!"

If you are doing dissection you need protective goggles
and magnifing glasses. 
Observing the snails...up close and personal.

Snails are look like slimy creatures from another planet.
A shell grows on a snail's back. 
As the snail gets bigger, it adds to its shell. 
The shell grows outward in a spiral. 
Each kind of snail has its own style and color of shell. 
Their bodies are soft and squishy.  Their eyes sit up on stalks.

  The kids  learned lots of things about snails. 
One thing they learned is that snail slime doesn't smell very good.

If you want to learn more about snails and other animals
check out the I Used to be Afraid Of.... series by CTP.
These books help young readers discover that
some animals only seem scary until you get to know them. 

Now, Kate's class loves snails. 

You will, too. 
Watch the video below and meet Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.
Turn up the volume.  Marcel has a very soft voice.


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