November 30, 2010

Here Comes Christmas

I just finished decorating my Christmas tree with a little help from friends and family....emphasis on the LITTLE.

Imagine the tree surrounded with lots of presents wrapped in lime green with red ribbons.  The lime green and red will offer a little balance to the tree top.  There is a  reason that there are no presents at the bottom of the tree.  I have not bought one present! 

 Tomorrow is the day to begin!!!
Tomorrow begins the countdown to Christmas.

Here is an idea to keep track of the days until the arrival of a jolly fat man dressed in red when all other presents must be in place.

I put number 1 to 25 on the gingerbread men from the Holiday Cheer cutouts.  The tent is made from two pieces of sturdy foam board.  I used ribbon and the small 1" gingerbread men cutouts to decorate the edges of the foam board. Then, I connected the 25 gingerbread men with a ring-it to the foam board.  Each day a child flips over a gingerbread man to countdown to Christmas.   

This is the little poem that is at the bottom of the flip book.

I just can't wait
For that Christmas date!

Count down if you can
Using a Gingerbread man .

Flip one over every day.
Christmas Day is on the way!

 I can't wait for that Christmas date!

Tomorrow is December 1.  The countdown begins!!



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