January 9, 2011

Cootie Catchers

                                   Happy New Year

Last week I was in California at the Creative Teaching Press Sales Team Meeting where the new product for 2011 was introduced.
I am always excited to see the exciting, innovative, and unique products the development team has created. 

                            My Favorite-Cootie Catchers

Remember making Cootie Catchers as a kid? Remember the folded paper and the counting and opening a section to reveal "your true love" or an answer about your future. The creative team has been playing with that idea for a while.  Could something like that be done that would be fun yet educational?
Well, they succeeded! 

Go to http://www.creativeteaching.com/ to see all the new Cooties. Click on new products and then go to Cootie Catchers.  

Remember how to make them??? 

Start with a square piece of paper.  Bring the points to the center.

Turn the paper over and do the same thing.  Bring all points to the center of the Cootie.

Fold it together to make the spaces for your fingers.  If you can't remember how to do this ask any third grade girl.

Now you are ready to move the pieces and ask the questions.

In and out for whatever number of times you say.

Check the question.

Open to find the answer.
There are some colorful FUN Cootie Catchers that contain riddles, jokes and fortunes.  Some celebrate holidays like Valentine's Day and Halloween. Another one would make fun favors for birthday parties.  There is one called "Get to know me!" that would be great for the first day of school.

Here are some riddles from the Halloween Cootie Catcher.....
What do witches put on their hair?....Scare spray!
When does a skeleton laugh?....When someone touches his funny bone!
What do ghosts serve for dessert?....Ice Scream!


CTP wanted to include an educational twist to the Cooties Catchers.  Kids learn by repetition and practice. Why not make repetition and practice fun? So they came up with books containing Cootie Catchers that kids could make to practice skills in Math, Language Arts, and Science for Grades 2 through 5.  Each book contains 20 Standards-Based Cookie Catchers which provide a fun and unique approach to practicing and reviewing.  Check the CTP website for more information.  

                        Get your Cooties....They are FUN!


  1. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun.

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  2. Wow! it's a great and nice remembrance of the childhood games, impressed by this, we too play often, thanks for nice experience....

  3. I use these with my 6th graders in Science. You can find templates online, and I also use the Science version of the Cootie Catcher Books. They align well to my curriculum. Even 8th graders are using them. The kids love them. They dont know they came from the Grade 3-5 work book.