March 30, 2011

Dots on Turquoise

I love DOT!
You will, too!

In my last post I promised to show you some more projects
created with the Dots on Turquoise products. 
For pictures and ordering information for the entire line visit
(Go to Products, What's New, and then Dots on Turquoise to see them all.)

In the picture above you will see one of the posters
 along with 6" and 10" cut-outs, computer paper,
name tags, and name plates. 

I used a red backing on all of my projects. 
I like the combination of red, a traditional "school" color,
with the "funky" new turquoise. 
 It seems to really POP! 
The cut outs and computer paper are available now.
                              The 6" and 10" paisley cut-outs will be available in June.

The 10" cut-outs can be used to display the class schedule.

The computer paper comes in two different patterns. 
 It is perfect for a Welcome to Our Class letter or weekly newsletters.

The 10" cut outs are mounted on a magnet board to create center markers. The 6" cut outs have the names of the kids who will be in the center that day.
By using a "magnet man" the names can be rotated each day.

Here is another "sneak peek" at more DOT products
that will be available for shipping in June. 
I love the 4" letters.
One-inch and two-inch letter stickers
in DOT as well as other designs will also be available soon.

Also available in June.....
several different patterns of library pockets.
You can just imagine all the uses for these!
This is a Welcome Back to School bulletin board,
but it can be so much more.
Don't think that you have to use all the pieces together on one board.
Use different parts of the bulletin board throughout the room.

ROCK ON 4th! would be perfect for a door.

Six-inch cut-outs with pictures, names, and guitars
would be great for the kid's desks.

These are three new full-size charts in the DOT patterns.

Class Rules

Welcome to Pre-K. 
I love using ribbons and buttons to embellish the poster.
You know my saying, "Everything looks better with a bow!"
The name plates and name tags match the all the DOT products.
They can be used on desks, cubbies, or in a variety of ways.

The smaller pasiley pieces are cut from
the new shape border that will be available in June.

This is a blank chart that can be anything!
The "Welcome", the guitar, and the stars are from the
ROCK ON bulletin board.

Every class needs a calendar. 
I love the way this all comes together on the red background!

I love DOT!
Check out all the turquoise products online
or at your favorite teacher supply store.

Tell them Tommie sent you!
(If they say, "WHO??"  tell them about the blog!)

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  1. Hi! I have SO enjoyed reading your blog and gathering ideas! This fall I will be entering into my 6th teaching year and couldn't be more excited! I guess you could say that last year I was in some sort of a "rut" because I was on maternity leave for most of the year and just didn't put as much effort in to the decoration of my classroom. I feel that it's so important to create a fun learning environment for my students, so I was a little disappointed in my self because I didn't go above and beyond like I normally do, but hey...I was 9 months pregnant when the school year began! ;) Just today I bought nearly everything CTP offered in the "dots on turquiose" pattern and can't wait to use some of the ideas you have featured here in my own classroom! Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to this blog!