December 12, 2011


If you celebrate Hanukkah, I wish you.....Happy Hanukkah!
If you celebrate Kwanzaa, I wish you....Happy Kwanzaa!
I recently had a wonderful conversation with my beautiful doctor who was fasting for Ramadan.

I celebrate Christmas, so I wish you Merry Christmas!

Here is a great story that I "borrowed" from my friend Amy and Pinterest.
Amy is a great mother of two little boys, Preston and Bergen.  Find out more about her on her blog.

You've Been RACK'ed!

Have you heard of It's a virtual bulletin board where you can not only organize your recipes, craft/decorating/style ideas - but you can spend hours (upon hours...upon hours) looking at other's pins as well. Friends, strangers, come one - come all.

My favorite right now is a list of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (RACKs). This lady posted about doing random acts of Christmas during the season of advent to help us remember, it's about giving, not receiving. And you know, random acts tend to roll forward, and hopefully form a snowball of kindness during this wonderful, stressful season.

(These are some of the pictures from Pinterest.  I am addicted to it too.)

My kids have been weird lately. Have yours? I'm not sure if it's
Christmas-itis, or if my 10 year old is starting the moody preteens early.
But it's been weird around here. Honestly, this is where these
random acts of kindness really come in handy.
 When we are feeling snarky, doing something nice always helps turn it around.

Friday was no exception. We were all a little tense Friday night waiting for dad to get home from work. We loaded up in the car to take the dry cleaning and find a RACK to recover us from our attitudes. I've been saving this RACK for a nice day - it rained for like a whole week here, and this needed a nice, dry day.

We drove up to the main grocery store close to our home and attached candy canes to car doors with a little note. We got the note from the original RACKer, found on Pinterest. If you are so inclined, please use for your own family's RACKing or you can make up your own version. 

I tied the note to candy canes and we ran through the parking lot attaching them to doors of cars. It was really very fun. Preston was so worried we were going to get into trouble for touching other people's cars. Such a rule follower, just like his momma. We ran back to the car and waited to see a shopper find their candy canes. But since it was dark, we could not really see. We imagine that they were all *very* happy and felt *very* blessed and decided to pass it on. And that's what we'll continue to imagine.

This was a very fun RACK!

We left the store to head to dinner. The restaurant had video games and a crane lift game to win balls. What a waste of, I mean fun time. $.20 balls now cost $5.00! Anyway, Preston comes running over to tell me he did a RACK! He won a ball, and gave it to the 2 year old watching him. Oh, this momma's heart swelled up with pride - so proud of Preston and what he's learning from helping others. A Merry Christmas, indeed. I hope y'all had a great weekend and enjoy your week!

Regardless of how you celebrate the season, KINDNESS is always in season.

Go forth and RACK!!!

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  1. I love the R-A-C-K idea!!! going to pass it on :)