September 10, 2012

Monkeys In the Classroom

Have you found yourself back in school
with a class full of monkeys?

Here are some of Melanie's ideas for 
decorating with monkeys.

But now it is time to bring those 
crazy monkeys to life in your classroom.

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The Five Little Monkeys reader by Dr. Jean 
is a great springboard for lots of lessons.

Decorate a magnetic board.  
Put magnets on the backs of five monkeys.
Have kids remove the monkeys as they sing the song.
You can make a puppet from
a green sock for an alligator.
Have the alligator snap a monkey right out of the tree.

Make a step book of the story.
This book is made from a strip of monkey border
from which I cut individual monkeys.
Kids can sing the song as they read the book.
Use a tongue depressor for the monkey puppets.
The book can be used to teach counting backwards.
When the monkey puppet is facing forward 
the kids count forward.
Turn the monkey around and the kids
 pick up the number counting backwards. 

Go slowly for the little kids but the older kids love 
to see how fast they can switch gears.
It is fun to watch their brains work 
when they have to switch back and forth.

Monkeys come in all sizes....6" cut outs.
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The largest monkeys are 10" cut outs.

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This is a step book using the small 1" monkey cut outs.

Everyone in your class can make a book!

Missed Me, Missed Me,
Not you gotta kiss me!

If you want to make the book
email me your address and I will send you
a copy of the words so you can just 
cut and glue them on the book.


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