November 1, 2012

Let's Go Vote

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Inspired in Style blog board for election day

Here is what happens when you get old.  
Yesterday, Lenny and I had this conversation.  
(I am thinking he was not wearing his hearing aids!)

Tommie: We should go vote tomorrow.
Lenny: Why do you need to go to Lowes?
 (Lowes is a big box hardware store.) 
Tommie: I said...we need to go vote.
Lenny: I guess I will stay home. 
 I don't think I need anything from Lowes.

Well, today we are going to vote and then 
I guess we will go by Lowes just to see if we need anything.

Getting old is not for sissies!!

P.S. I just had a call from Cindy, one of the CTP reps.
She thinks they sell hearing aid batteries at Lowes!

Maybe there is hope!!


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