September 1, 2010

Embellishments of the Heart

In 1893, Sears and Roebuck printed their first catalog. Way back in my Grandma’s day there was great excitement about the arrival of the catalog. Everyone took turns making wishes and marking pages. Today, it seems I get a dozen catalogs every day. There are so many! 
I get excited, however, when I see one from CTP because I know samples of the actual products are soon to follow.

                                          Go to to view the catalog.

Two weeks ago, I received a box marked PRODUCT SAMPLES
The new stuff had arrived!!  
As I opened the big box I actually heard an audible voice that said,


So much really cute stuff....I could hardy wait! 
In the box there were three new styles of designer
cut-outs...snowflakes, flowers, and hearts. 
I was immediately drawn to the hearts.

The cut-outs were in all three sizes….6”,
as well as the jumbo 10”, and the mini 1”.
Then I noticed that the new borders coordinated
with the cut-outs.
How convenient!

I remembered a part of a little poem,
“I made a hundred valentines, a hundred did I say!
I made a thousand valentines, one cold an wintery day.”
It was something about the valentines being seeds for birds. I couldn’t remember the whole poem.

So, I Googled it. (Isn’t that the greatest invention!)
The only thing that came up was a three year old kid singing it as a song.
It was the poem and the kid was cute.
You can Google, too, and check out the YouTube performance.
So, I had the words and I had my inspiration for my first HEART project.

I copied the poem on a clear packing label and put it on one of the 6" hearts. Then I made a bird feeder to hold my Valentines (seeds) for February birds.

I cut down a milk carton and edged it with the new border. I used a pipe-cleaner attached to each side to hang the birdfeeder. Then, I added a few hearts and of course a bow because "everything looks better with a bow"!

More Embellishments of the Heart

Use heart cut-outs and minis to decorate a small mail box to receive all your Valentine mail.

Make your own Valentine cards.....

Combine hearts to make fish,

love Bugs,

butterflies or
whatever you can imagine.

The hearts match the mini bulletin board which was introduced last year. 
This makes a great Friendship bulletin board.

Make a matching game by cutting the hearts apart. 
Add a picture to each piece of the hearts. 
In this game the kids are practicing rhyming words.
 When you have a complete heart your match is correct.  

Hearts are not just for Valentine's Day
They also make great Mother's Day gifts. 

Use mini hearts to decorate a memory box to go with
the holiday reader called Celebrating Mother's Day. 

Or make a cluster of mini hearts to create
 a flower for a cork board for Mom.

How about you?

I love the new designer hearts, too!

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  1. I used the poem about February birds (I made a hundred valentines, A hundred did I say?) when I taught first grade. We would take a pine cone, cover it in peanut butter and then roll it in bird seed. Then we'd use a yarn hanger to hang the "bird feeder" onto a tree, fence, etc. THe kids loved making them and taking them home to feed their backyard birds.