September 14, 2010

Floral Embellishments


I am in California at CTP this week. It is always fun to visit with everyone and to check out the new stuff that’s in the works.

One thing is certain....
Things are always blooming at CTP. 


Last fall CTP introduced a new bulletin board set with flowers in pots called SPRING GARDEN! The flowers were so cute that we couldn't resist making more. In this most recent fall release, we added to the flower garden theme with a Poppin' Pattern border and the flowers.  The flowers come in six styles in all three sizes…6-inch, 10-inch jumbos, and 1-inch mini cut outs.  Put them all together and you have a great bulletin board.

But you can use the flowers for more than decoration.  Here is center idea for a magnet board. I cut the 6-in. flowers apart and put pictures on each half. In the center the kids match up the flowers. The pictures are from one of the Games Galore books.  This game works on blends.

Or how about using the jumbo cut outs to make a class book?
Each child has a flower with his/her name on it.  Everyone can practice reading the names of the kids in the class. 

Notice how the new borders coordinate so well with the flowers.

These magnet boards are designed for sorting.  Once again, the Games Galore books provide pictures for lots of skills.

This is a T-Graph for sorting
Long a and Short a.

This is a TRIO board for sorting words of one, two, or three syllables.

This is a 4-Square for sorting beginning consonants.

Check out all the Language Games Galore for practice in various language skills. They are great for game pieces.

Another idea is to make greeting cards
from the flowers.

Fold a 9" x 24" piece of construction paper in half (hamburger style).  Then fold back the top part in half again.  You then have      9 " x 12"  card.  Place the pot and the flowers on the card then fold back down.  The words say....My love for you grows and grows as you unfold the card.

May inspiration bloom!

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  1. I enjoy and appreciate the art works..