February 28, 2011

Be a Star

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night?  I have not seen The King's Speech, but it is now on my list of things to do. 
It was fun to watch the stars on the red carpet.  The ladies had on their fancy dresses and jewels and those shoes!!!   The guys looked pretty good, too.  
Anne Hathaway must have changed dresses about 20 times. 
 Life is short! So many dresses and so little time.....

Maybe you should set up a red carpet for your students.  It is easy with the new mini bulletin board from CTP. 

I laminated all of the pieces before I started so I could change it out and use it for different kids.  Of course Kate is my star so she got to walk the red carpet.
She chose pictures of her and her farmily to post along the walk.

I used the star cards in the bulletin board to make a book.  Each card was laminated.  Kate used a Vis-a-Vis pen to answer the questions.  I bound it with ring-its so it was quick and easy to make.   When another child is the star I can wash off the ink with a wet cloth and reuse the book. 

It even comes with an Emmy!

The award in front of the bulletin board announces the Star Student.

In kindergarten everyone is a Star.  All it takes is a crown!

Or....maybe they are all clowns with crowns!

Congratulations to all the Winners!


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