April 26, 2011

Mother's Day

I collect watercolor prints called StoryPeople by Brian Andreas. 
Several years ago my son gave me one this for Mother's Day. 
It is called "Hindsight".

I love it because he came from him.
Now, he was much older and wiser
with kids of his own who don't always listen to him!

                  A Mother's Day project that Moms will love!

This project begins with a little book from CTP called
 Celebrating Mother's Day...Mom's Memory Box.
This is the story:

It's almost Mother's Day.
I want to show my mom I love her in a special way.
I'll paint a little box.
I'll put in a teddy bear.
It shows how we love to bear hug.
I'll put in a piece of gum.
It shows how we always stick together.
I'll put in some nuts.
They show how silly we like to be.
I'll put in a bandage.
It shows how she always comes to my rescue.
I'll put in a chocolate kiss.
It shows how good it feels to be loved.
And, Mom, don't forget...
I'll love you forever!

The story tells you all you need to do. 
Trevor helped me do this for his mom.
 We just followed the directions! 
We used a paper heart box from a craft store. 
Trevor painted it with a red Do-A-Dot stamper
and topped it with 1" heart cut-outs from CTP.
Then, we collected the things mentioned in the story and added them to the box. 
(You might include a note telling the significance of each item in the box.)

His Mom loved it!

A Card for Mom

This card shows how love grows and grows.
Start with a piece of paper about 18" X 9".

For the card you need three 6" flower cut-outs from CTP. 
You also need some construction paper to make a pot for the flowers
and the stem and leaves for the flowers.   

  Fold the paper in half lengthwise. (9" X 9") 
Then fold the top half back toward the top.

Make a pot for the flower and glue it to the bottom of the page.
Make stem and place it so that it is growing from the flower pot.

Add a flower to each section of the card. 
Decorate with leaves around the flowers.

Along the side of the card put the caption:
My love for you grows and grows...
Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!


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