May 13, 2011

Bag Ladies

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Book Buddy Bags
Keep students' books, homework, projects, and other classroom materials protected and well organized, whether they're safely stored in your classroom or en route to or from students' homes. Each clear, plastic bag comes with a sturdy handle, a full-color design on the front, and a place to write a student's name or to label the bag's contents.  6 bags per pack.

I was recently working on a project for CTP which called for some of the Book Buddy Bags. I needed 100 bags for the project so I ordered the CTP product number that was assigned to the bags.  Notice the words highlighted in blue in the paragraph above. (I didn't.) 
Guess how many bags I received in my order...600!  
                       What do you do with 600 Book Buddy Bags?

After I finished my project, I set out to lower my inventory of bags. 

I gave a few dozen to some kindergarten teachers.  They send home 5 books every Monday with each child for them to read during the week.  The bags were perfect because they are made from heavy plastic and have a sturdy handle which is just right for kindergarden hands. Now, they will have fresh new ones for next year.

I gave some to a teacher who was doing a presentation for her school district for all the teachers in her grade-level.  The bags worked really well to organize the materials that she was giving to each teacher.

Then, I went to see Shauna Leonard, librarian at Heritage Elementary in Grapevine, TX.  I asked her if she could use some of the bags. 
                                 She exclaimed, "You are an answer to my prayer!" 
                                                That is Texas talk for "YES!"

Shauna had recently received a grant for some audio books called "Playways".
She needed some way to store them in the library
so that teachers could check them out to use in centers
in their classrooms.
Here are some comments from Shauna.
The "Poppin' Patterns clear hanging bags are phenomenal. 
They are perfect for all types of library materials. 
The newest technology for audio books is a "Playaway". 
A Playaway is the simplest way to listen to audio on the go. 
These devices are pre-loaded with digital content. 
Simply plug in earphones and enjoy. 
No cassettes, or CDs, no downloads, just play! 
The hanging bags provide protection for the Playaway, battery,
earphones, lanyard, and book.  

Now, Shauna is a real Bag Lady!

She helped me reduce my inventory quite a bit, but I still have some left. 
 If you are a bag lady and can think of something clever to do
with a few really cool Book Buddy Bags,
I will send you some. 

I will send 24 bags to 10 Bag Ladies. 
All you have to do is email me your name and address
and tell me what you are planning to do with them.
The first 10 who email me will get them absolutely free!

Cheers to the Bag Ladies of the World!


  1. Oh my goodness! I can think of many things to use the bags for! I would like to have my Kindergarten children take home books for their nightly bedtime story. Many children do not have books at home for their parents to read to them, so we provide the books.
    These durable plastic bags could hold the books and perhaps some extra items like ideas for reading and maybe a little reading "buddy".
    I can think of more but now that I typed this, I am really invested in this idea!!!!!!

  2. @The Kindergarten ExpressPlease send your mailing address to


  3. Are you still giving bags away! I've been wanting to send books home for my first graders to do their 20 minute reading every night. These bags would be PERFECT!

  4. @Mrs. Ibarra
    Bags are all gone.
    Contact me at
    Be sure to register as a follower for other give-aways.