June 11, 2011

How Do You Use Library Pockets?

Important!!!! Send information to tommie.netzer@creativeteaching.com .
I cannot respond to you personally on the blog site.

Five years ago Creative Teaching Press formed an Advisory Council made up of personnel from educational stores from different areas
of the United States and Canada. 

The stores are of varying sizes and represent different demographic areas. 

Some are chain stores while some are single stores.

In January each year the council gathers in California for three days
at the CTP office to meet with people from
marketing, sales, and product development. 

The favorite day for all of us is the day we get to work on
product development.
To be directly involved in what the company produces is exciting.

This year Product Development gave us a sneak peek at some new
library pockets in the Designer Classroom colors.

Everyone on the council loved them. 
They had some input on the designs that were chosen.
The main question was, "What do teachers do with them?"

Finally, the library pockets are here and ready to ship.

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CTP6917 Dots on Black

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CTP 6919 Dots on Chocolate

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CTP 6920 Dots on Turquoise

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 CTP 6921 Paisley Doodles

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CTP 6918 Poppin' Patterns

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CTP 6922 Stripes and Stitches

Now, here is the question....
How do you use library pockets?

This is my sample of what to do with them.

Here is where you come in....
Send me your ideas of things to do with library pockets
and you may win a free package of your choice.

Follow these rules:
Send in your unique idea (pictures are ideal) before June 17

You must provide:
your name
email address
mailing address
CTP number and name of the desired library pockets

On June 17, twelve people will be selected to win a free package.
I will post the winners at that time so you can watch for your pockets!

I can't wait to see your ideas and pictures!


  1. I am making an Alphabet sorting portable bulletin board.

  2. send info to tommie.netzer@creativeteaching.com