July 22, 2011

Here are the Winners

This is from Amanda Richardson

I am a 1st grade teacher and have taught kindergarten for 2 years and 1st grade two way dual language for a year. I just moved so I'm beginning in a new district-again! I have never been in the same classroom for 2 years and never had the same administration for 2 years, either. I used to complain about it, but I have learned this about myself-it has kept me teachable, with-it, and VERY flexible. I am embracing it!

I LOVE book making. As a matter of fact, "Book Making" is both a literacy station AND math station in my classroom. I pre-make books for the literacy station. These books are on their levels and have words missing that they must fill in. The words are either sight words or are words from a song or poem that we have learned. For math, I place blank paper made into a book form in the station. They GO TO TOWN with this! We read books during our math time all the time so it's easy for us to talk about how it was a "math book". When they go to that work station, they can make any type of math book they want- patterns book, adding book, counting, measuring, etc.

Throughout the year we make many classroom books to go in our classroom library. We make a syllables name book at the beginning of the year and many math books throughout the year. I am always looking for more book making ideas. They kids feel a great sense of accomplishment when they are authors and THAT is important to me- that they feel wonderful, purposeful, and are confident that they can do something great! :)

I'd love to be the winner of this e-book.   I have eyed it for years.

Well, Amanda now it can be yours!

The other winners are:
Lynn Janasiewicz
Sonja Shepherd
Ana Glez
Deb Griewe
Regina O'Brien
Katryce Lanspa
Vanessa Levin
Kinberly Collatos
Tamara Fishering

Check you email for instructions for downloading your e-Book.
I had a great time reading all of your ideas.  I plan to steal a few for myself.
Have fun....Thanks for playing.

If you make anything cute send pictures!

Next week I will report on our vacation to Alaska.  We had a great time.
Have a good weekend!


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