July 26, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation

Over the 4th of July holiday I went with my entire family....
husband, kids, and grandkids...on a cruise to Alaska.

One night at dinner, I asked Trevor to tell us some things
he had done or seen for the first time. 

Here is his list....

took a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier
jumped on a glacier

looked into the deep cracks called crevices and made Dad really nervous
learned what caused the different colors of blue in the glacier ice

saw a zillion glaciers
saw a glacier calving

heard the glacier "thunder" before calving
watched the glacier fall and turn into icebergs
tried to touch the sea gulls that followed the ship after the calving

touched glacier ice that was 250 years old

went on a whale watch and saw dozens of humpback whales
saw six whales bubble net feeding

saw LOTS of mountains covered with snow

Calving is when great sheets of ice fall from the glacier into the sea.

Witnessing bubble net feeding of humpback whales is rare.

 If you are not familiar with either of the terms you should Google it and watch the YouTube videos.

All this happened within the first four days of our trip. 
It was like a science camp on a luxury liner.

That night after we had all discussed what we had seen
I had this word of advice for Trevor.

When you go back to school next month 
if someone asks you what you did during the summer,
you had better not say....

I would love to share our trip with you. 

Alaska is amazing! 

The scenery is breath-taking. 

Watching the sea gulls fly beside the ship was inspiring.  

The Mendenhall glacier is awesome.

Watching the giant whales was unbelievable.

Seeing all of this through the eyes of my grandchildren... PRICELESS.

The Smilebox is a little long so get cup of coffee or better yet a glass of wine. 
Make sure the volume is on.  I made the music match the pictures.
Turn the air conditioner down to about 60 degrees. 
(It was 101 when we left Texas and 71 when we landed in Seattle. 
That was as warm as it got the entire trip!)
Open the Smilebox, click on full screen and ENJOY!

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  1. What amazing memories made! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Wow! That sounds like such fun. The pictures are amazing. It makes me want to go lol. I am glad that you guys had a good time. Thanks for sharing!