August 19, 2011

Melanie's Carnival Theme


Melanie did it again.  She is amazing.  Go directly to her website to see what she has done with the Dots on Turquoise from CTP and her wonderful imagination!  

I wonder if she dreams in color!!!

Carnival Theme!

The inspiration for this adorable theme came from the Dots on Turquoise border from Creative Teaching Press. I just loved the color combinations used in this darling collection. The minute I saw the large polka dots, I envisioned a carnival theme with non-traditional carnival colors. Typically, you would see primary colors used in a carnival, but I LOVED the thought of creating a fresher, more updated carnival look using turquoise, red, lime green, and orange. The coordinating striped border instantly made me think of a carnival canopy with its scalloped design. When all of the colors are put together, you have a look that is fun and HAPPY!


CTP 1868 Dots on Turquoise 4" letters
CTP 1038 Dots on Turquoise  Border

 CTP 1040 Dots on Turquoise Stripes and Stitches Border

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