August 1, 2011

Where Learning is an Adventure!

For the last couple of weeks CTP has been celebrating 12 Days of BTS with contests and prizes.  On the last day teachers were asked to show us their decorThis was one of my favorite entries.  It is from Debra White who teaches second grade in Idaho.  On her website she writes, "I want to influence children by awakening an excitement for knowledge and a life-long desire to learn."  Welcome to her classroom Where Learning is an Adventure.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Dots on Chocolate decor!!!

I found this Dots on Chocolate bulletin board set last year....
and then had to have it all!

CTP 1486 Classbook Bulletin Board

I did my entire classroom in the
Dots on Chocolate with fadeless brown butcher paper.

I layered the polka-dot borders with a solid light blue, pink, or green border underneath for accent.

I love the idea of making the boards  one color.
It creates a classroom with continuity, less distracting/over-stimulating.

I also had a "Magic Tree House" theme that went perfectly with the woodsy brown color. My husband built me a tree house reading loft with the rope ladder that was suspended from the ceiling.

All the students in the entire school LOVED it!

I added a polka-dot rug for my Morning Meeting/Calendar corner for the kids to sit on.  The rug matched perfectly also, but cost me a small fortune. Shhhh.....don't tell my husband!

All of my cushions, beans bags, and pillows were either the orange, lime green, blue, or pink. This was honestly the first year that I received endless compliments on my classroom.

They thought the brown woodsy feel was rather soothing.

I think teachers, like parents, are ready for a change from the traditional
red, green, yellow, and blue.

I have lots of pictures....on my class website.
(I loved the pictures of the kids and well as the room. It is worth a visit!)

I selected a few to share!


Debra White :)

At CTP we call this a Designer Classroom.  It looks like one Martha Stewart designed! You can be a designer too. Visit and do a quick search for Dots on Chocolate.  SWEET!

If chocolate is not your thing (I can't imagine!) you might try our other designer looks....Poppin' Patterns and Dots on Turquoise.

Show me your pictures.  Send them to


  1. I am honored that you chose to share my "Dots-on-Chocolate/Tree House" themed classroom. I really enjoy decorating my classroom that I share with my students. I am adding a few more items to complete the look. I feel like I just won a "RED APPLE" award! Teaching is my PASSION....and I love what I do! Together....we can ALL make a difference! :)


  2. Just found your blog and became your newest follower. I LOVE CTP!! Your pictures look great and I will have to head over to your class website!!

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  4. I love the tree house loft and want it in my classroom!! Do you have a supply list and directions on how to build it??

  5. What did you make the tree out of? I love it! I already have a loft, but the tree would be a great addition!