September 1, 2011

All About Me

Most teachers do a unit on All About Me at the beginning of the year
to introduce the kids to each other and to welcome them into the class.

Each child is special.

To read this book go to
Do a Quick Search for I Am Special.
Click on details and then on sample pages.

This idea from Early Childhood Centers goes perfectly with the little book.

It starts as a step-book and ends with a thumb print.
The child lists the things he can do.
Then ends with I am "thumb-body" special.

I would like to share with you my rationale
for teaching an All About Me  unit.

The Help is a book that has been on the best-sellers list for months.
Recently, I went with my daughter and sister to see the movie.
After the movie my daughter asked, “Was it really like that?”
Having grown up in the south during that time
my sister and I both answered, “Yes”.
 Most people of the south were not like that, but certainly some were.
It was a sad time in our nation’s history.

I think more people were like Skeeter's mother. 
People knew things were wrong, but they didn't have the courage
 to stand up for what was right.
I think it is interesting that the movie is being shown at the same time
 as the dedication of the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington D.C.
 Talk about courage!

I cried through the last ten minutes of the movie.
Aibileen, the maid, was falsely accused of stealing and was fired.
It came time for her to say goodbye to Mae Mobley,
the little three year old girl who thought of her as Momma.
Both Aibileen and the little girl were crying.
Aibileen takes her aside and tells her….
”Baby Girl, always remember what I taught you.”

Mae Mobley puts her pudgy white hands on Aibileen’s black face
and together they repeat….

"I is kind.

I is smart.

I is important."

Every child needs someone in his life to teach them just that.

This year, for some child, that someone is YOU.

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