September 8, 2011

Special Memories

CTP has a great series of books called
Learn to Write.
Each of the 24 engaging little books focuses on a different writing concept.
The last page of each book invites readers to write their own story 
modeled after the writing done by the characters in the book. 
The resource guide offers even more activities to extend the books.

In a few weeks we will be attending NAEYC in Orlando.
I am presenting a session called, People of our Neighborhood.
I have been studying someone
 who was a very important neighbor,
Mr. Rogers.

I hope to share with you some of the
wisdom of Mr. Rogers in future posts.

I love this quote from him,
"I find out more and more every day
how important if is for people to
share their memories."

Here is a book from Learn to Write to help kids do just that.

To read this little book go to
Do a quick search for Special Memories.
Then click on details and then sample pages.
You can do this for any of the small readers.

These pages are from the resource guide for
Learn to Write.
This book is available in an e-book
so you can buy it and use it right now.
Quick search for 6227-EB.

I always like to try to find other uses for books....
like sparking ideas for making my own.

I love using the 6" Poppin' Pattern cards
for the book and binding the pages with ring-its.

This is a Special Memories book that
Kate and I made after going on a Disney cruise.
She got to meet all the princesses.
What a Day!

Kids love to see pictures of when they were little
especially when they can compare
Then and Now.

Trevor and I had a great time making this book
for an assignment for Grandparents Day
when he was in kindergarten.

We included several pages telling
how different things were then.

It was fun for me to re-live those
Special Memories from LONG AGO!

How different life is for these post 9/11 kids!

I wonder what his Special Memories will be.

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  1. I love this set of books............I got a set of them with a project I had funded on and they arrived a few days ago. thanks for the ideas you shared! CTP is great and I love their product! They sure are lucky to have wonderful people like you to give suggestions for teachers to use that are reasonable and do-able! LOL