October 21, 2011

Flowers, Food, Fables and Fun in Germany


Some of the most beautiful flowers were in cemeteries.

Almost every house or building had a garden.

Shops had arrangements at the doors.

Gardens were everywhere.

Just to prove that we were there!

I loved the markets in the town squares
filled with fresh vegetables.

Just ride your bicycle to do your shopping.

The breads were to die for....

This is the sign for the pretzel maker.

There is a legend about some monks and
the reason for the shape of the pretzel.
You will have to look it up.

Fables and Legends

Can you guess what this is?

Hundreds of locks.

The legend is....
A couple puts their names on the lock.
Then they attach the lock to a bridge and
throw the key into the river.
This locks their love forever.

Have you heard about Lucky Shamrocks?
Well this is the German take on that idea.
But be careful some are poisonous!

It must be mushroom season in Germany
because red mushroom decorations were everywhere.
The word for it is Gluckspilz! 
Some translate it as "Lucky Devil".

I loved this city of Miltenberg.
The shops were wonderful.

I bought this coffee cup.
I will be twice as lucky.
Shamrock and Mushroom....
I'm a Lucky Devil for sure!


In Prague we came across this tribute to John Lennon.
This was a huge wall where people had written
and painted his songs.

We stood there with several other folks and sang along.
Can you remember the words?

Signs for the buildings are interesting.
They are symbols representing the occupation of the owner.
I can't imagine what this one is.

So you think this is where the stork brings the babies?

Almost every city had a mime or two.

I got a kiss from this one.

This was a hat shop. 
The hat reminded me of the ones worn at the
wedding of William and Kate.
I particularly liked the pancake one in the front.

We discovered an interesting wedding tradition.
Most couples do not get married in a church.
They get married at the city hall then they
parade all over town in their wedding attire.
We saw at least 6 brides on Saturday
in their wedding dresses.

We missed getting a picture of any of the brides but this car was waiting to transport one couple to one of the bridges to do a promenade.

Thanks for looking at my pictures!

I guess it is time for me to get back to work.

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