October 26, 2011

I Used to Be Afraid of Scary Bats and Things Like That.....

 At this time of the year many teachers do units on
noctural animals or scary animals like
bats, owls, and spiders.

CTP has a series of books to help you do just that...

Some animals, like this bat, look pretty scary
until you get to know about him.

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This delightful reader will help to alleviate children's fears
by providing a fascinating, up-close look at how this creature lives
 and why people do not need to be afraid.
This reader helps children appreciate the
positive contribution animals make to our world. 
It  includes sensible precautions people should
take when interacting with the animal.

Here are some pages from the book.
The magnificent images by Dwight Kuhn,
one of America's leading nature photographers.

Teachin' Cheap (CTP 2335) has some ideas for books
that kids can make to record the information
that they learn from reading the books.

This is a paper bag that is made into a cave.
Information is written on the bat cut-outs
and put in the bag for others to read.

A book doesn't have to have a cover!
A paper bag works great!

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These are two others that are 
part of a 12-book series

For more information on all the books go to  

Watch out for things that go bump in the night!!!


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