November 16, 2011

Fun with CTP at NAEYC in Orlando

Welcome to our CTP booth at NAEYC in Orlando, FL.

The People of Our Neighborhood was our theme.

These are some of the people in OUR neighborhood.
Presentation area was set up and ready for guests.
Projects made from our products were displayed.

Dr. Jean was there....singing and dancing.

Everyone joined in the Dinosaur Boogie.
Stomp Around!!!
I got to sing my favorite song with her...
May There Always Be Sunshine!

Lots of folks stopped in to join us for the presentations.

Who would believe that grown women would have so much fun wearing a border crown with a flower.

Doing More with Less.
That is what we were doing!!

When we started this session we knew that we were getting close to hitting the 100,000th visit to this blog.
Several of the ladies had phones with Internet access.
They all logged in to the blog. 
This is Kay and Lisa who were the ones that
made us hit 100,000.

Can you believe it?!

Since People of Our Neighborhood was our theme
we made people, houses, and cars with our
10" and 6" cut outs.
The people were really cute!
I will show you more of the people in another post.

We had everyone from
Einstein to Ben Franklin in the booth.

We gave some of our visitors one of our
people cut outs and challenged them to
make a "Mini Me" using anything they
could find in any booth in the convention hall.
I love Dottie's creation.
Dottie's Mini Me even had earrings!

As you can tell we had a Rootin' Tootin' Good Time.

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