November 10, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day

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 DFW airport is
one of the ports
of entry for soldiers coming home for two weeks of R and R.

Each time a group arrives at the airport
there is a group of more than
100 people from our area to
welcome them home.

Two weeks ago Trevor and I
joined the group welcoming 143 soldiers
coming in from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lots of signs and flags waving

Crowds waiting for arrival of troops

This little girl is on her
 grandpa's shoulders
looking for her dad.

It is good to have Dad home!!!!

My Veteran.....1965!
Second Lieutenant Leonard Netzer
before leaving for Viet Nam


Here is the celebration of Veteran's Day
at Heritage Elementary last year.

I can't wait for all the flag waving
tomorrow at this year's
Veteran's Day Parade!


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