April 2, 2012

Back from Baltimore

Last week we were in Baltimore, MD, 
for the NSSEA convention.
The National School Supply and Equipment Association 
is an organization that connents
manufacturers of educational materials
with retail store buyers.
We were there to show our wares!

This was our booth.
Buyers got a close-up look at our
new products for BTS.

Lots of Black and White!!
But turquoise, chocolate, and Poppin' Patterns
were there, too.

This was our crew in B/W.
Folks from marketing, product development,
and sales were there.
The tall fellow in the back is
CTP president, Jim Connelly.

 I was there!
 I had some of my stuff on display.
Surprise! Surprise!

We were most excited about our new books which
will be available this summer.

The STICK KIDS Workbooks (PreK-3)
are sure to make learning fun.

Whether students need a little extra practice with
grade-level skills or a head start on next year
these little books are perfect for home or school.

  • skill practice
  • games and puzzles
  • full color pages
  • tracking system with stickers

Watch for them coming soon to a store near you!!

Our guys in black and white!

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  1. I think these ties are truly awesome!