May 17, 2012

Sight Word Sentences

Last year I was visiting in a kindergarten class.
The teacher had made this project. 
The students were to reconstruct the story 
using the words at the bottom of the page. 

On a large piece of paper they glued
the story and then each word to 
repeat the story.

The teacher also had them build sentences in a pocket chart.
She used the CTP sight word books for her stories.

Well, now you can do that too.
All the work has been done for you in the new 
Cut and Paste Sight Word Sentences.

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To see sample pages from this book go to
Search for product number 7180.
Click on the image of the book. Then click on sample pages
Pages 4 and 5 give complete directions for using the book.

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The cut and paste activities in the book are based on
the books in the Sight Word series by CTP.

First, you duplicate a page for each child in your group.
Together you practice reading the sight words at the
bottom of the page.

Next, they cut out the words and paste them in order
at the bottom of the picture. 
The asterisk and period help them find the first and last words.

Then, they copy the words in the correct order 
on the lines provided.

Finally, they draw and color the picture.

So there you have it! All the work is done for you!
You have one more way to practice sight words.

We know that practice makes perfect!!


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