June 1, 2012

End of the Year Party

It is a tradition at our school 
for the last unit in first grade to be Fairy Tales.
The last day the kids dress-up 
like their favorite Fairy Tale characters.

First, they need to learn a little about fairy tales.
The CTP mini bulletin board,Story Elements, 
is a perfect way to do just that.

The kit contains pictures to sequence
The Three Little Pigs.
Being able to re-tell a story 
is an important skill.
The pictures help to do that.
 Little Red Riding Hood is also included in the kit.

The kids can arrange the pictures 
to illustrate the beginning, the middle, and the end
of the stories.
You can also discuss the story elements including
the main characters, setting, the plot, and more.

This is Kate arranging the parts of her 
favorite story...Little Red Riding Hood.
Notice that she displayed the 
main characters and the setting. 
She could also tell you the plot, 
the problem, and the solution to the story.

At school the kids brainstormed 
some things that are included 
in fairy tales.

Then came Fairy Tale Day!

The entrance to their hall became a drawbridge 
to a castle.

The day began with
Once Upon a Time.....

The fairies led the way into the castle.

Can you guess Kate's favorite fairy tale character?

Every fairy tale needs a knight.

and a king!

 Peter Pan was there...

and Thumbelina!

Everyone enjoyed the day in 
 the Kingdom of Otterness.
(that is Mrs. Otterness' classroom)

Now that summer is officially here
I am sure that....
Everyone Lived Happily Ever After!

Ever, Ever After

click the link and enjoy!

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  1. You are awesome Tommie!!

    Cindy Rose