June 23, 2012

Bulletin Boards

Years ago when I was working in the store,
Joe, a really cute college kid was working for us.
The teachers loved for him to help them because as I said...
he was really cute. 

One day he stopped to tell me...
"Those two ladies have spent the last 30 minutes discussing the
 color of paper to put on their bulletin boards!
Does it really matter??"

Oh, Joe...So cute and so much to learn.
(He is 40 years old now and has learned a thing or two!
FYI... He is still cute!)

The background paper can make or break the look of a bulletin board.
The colors that you choose set the mood for the classroom.

I love Pacon Paper products.  
The colors are vibrant and best of all it is fadeless.

If you have ever tried to put paper on a blank wall you know how important fadeless is.
It is almost impossible to get it the paper straight,
so you don't want to have to do it very often.

I think that is why borders were invented.

Check for the display like this at your local teacher store.

Here are some of my pictures using the Pacon Products.

K-2 Science Lab

Bulletin Boards can be on the floor.
This is a "walk-on" number line

 I love red with the DOT Designer products.

 Add buttons and bows to spice it up even more.

 Pink with Dots on Chocolate looks great.

Check out all the robot products.
I also did this on a purple background.
It looked great.

Get in the Swim of It!

Of course, all products displayed on the bulletin boards 
are available at

Also, check out the glossy paper. It looks great with the Designer B/W products.

Premium Glossy Fadeless® Paper in six popular brilliant colors that are the perfect background for coated accents and decorations. This heavyweight paper is fade-resistant and acid free. Recyclable

The great thing about the
Black and White collection 
is that it goes with any color.

Pick your favorite!


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