July 8, 2012

I love a good workbook

This is my friend Bergen.
He will be in kindergarten in the fall.
Last week his mother posted this picture on Facebook
with the caption:
He loves a good workbook....

I just happen to know about a few good workbooks.
Since he is such a good friend I paid a visit to Bergen.
I took him the Stick Kids workbooks for kindergarten.
That should keep him busy and in love for a while.

Introducing Stick Kids Workbooks!
The new Stick Kids Workbooks are perfect for grades PreK through 3.
 Whether you are at home or on the go, these Stick Kids Workbooks 
are perfect for summer skill practice.
 Each Workbook includes a variety of games, puzzles and activities!
Tracking chart and stickers in every book!

If your kids are like Bergen
and love a good workbook,
you might want to check these out!!!


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