July 14, 2012

My Daily 5


I was on Barnes and Noble's website this morning
looking for a new Nook book.
I checked the list of Top 100 books from Barnes and Noble.
Right there between the Shades of Grey books
and the Hunger Games books, 
sitting at the #12 spot was 

Cover Image

I knew that many teachers were using the 
Daily 5 in their classrooms but this must mean that
lots of other teachers are considering the program.

The Daily CAFE and the Daily 5 were conceived by
two real life sisters, Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. 
Visit their website http://www.the2sisters.com/
for more information.

Here are a couple of boards that I made for 
tracking Daily 5.

These are made on magnetic boards. 
The kids are assigned numbers.
I put the numbers on the small circles 
and added small magnets to the back of each.
The numbers can be easily moved to show 
what each child is working on that day.

The choices are:
Read to Self
Read to Someone
Listen to Reading
Word Work
Work on Writing

The two boards were made with products from 
the new Black and White designer collection and
the  Dots on Turquoise collection.
Visit www.creativeteaching.com 
to view all the new products. 


  1. What a good idea, I think I will do this with my class this year. Thanks for the inspiration