August 7, 2012

Making Memories Month by Month

I have been checking the STATS on my blog lately 
to see who is out there, where you are from,
 and what you are reading.

I was so surprised that the #1 blog visited 
last week was Celebrate February.

Almost 500 people wanted to 
Celebrate February in August
What is up!
It is 105 degrees in Texas!

I went back to the blog
 from January 11, 2011 to check it out.

Then. I realized why there was so much interest. 
The blog features one of my favorite books.

Making Memories is one of those books
 that you need to start the year. 
It is available as an e-book so you can download it immediately and be ready to go.

CTP 2399-EB

Making Memories Month by Month  
This book includes projects for each month of the year. 
When the children complete the projects for the month the teacher 
compiles the projects to make a scrapbook for each child.

A scrapbook full of art projects that a child made during the school year 
is a perfect end of the year gift for the parents.
 Add a child’s writing samples, math activities, photographs, and projects, 
and that same memory book becomes a colorful portfolio of the child’s work. 

This book was made by Gilbert.
The pages are 12" x 18" construction paper. 
Each month has two pages of projects.

Here are some sample pages from Gilbert's book.

Notice that each month has a project that is made using the child's hands or feet.
The small apple is his fist.

Each month has a poem for the children to learn.

Each month has an art project to be made.





Each month has a writing (dictating) project.



End of the Year

At the end of the year Gilbert recorded 
how he had grown during kindergarten.

This project is guaranteed to make a mama cry!!!

The project works best if you start it at the 
beginning of the school year. 
 So, order your e-book now!
Be ready to go when school starts.

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  1. Love this idea! Will be using it for my preschool class this year! Thanks!