August 11, 2012

The Rules of the Classroom

As you are setting up your classroom
don't forget about the rules.

Each of the Designer Collections 
has a chart especially for the rules.

Six years ago Trevor was starting kindergarten.
He was a little anxious about the big step he was about to take.
I asked him if he would like to go to school to see 
what kindergarten was all about.

We visited Sandi Hill's classroom while she was 
getting ready for Meet the Teacher.
(By chance he ended up in her class.
Since we have been friends for more than 
20 years, maybe it was not all by chance.)

As he was looking around the room 
he spied a chart.

"What is that?", he asked Mrs. Hill.
She replied, "Those are our rules."
Then she read the rules to him.
"I can do that!", he said.
His anxiousness was gone.

 This is from the wisdom of Mr. Rogers...
Children want to please the important people in their lives.
The problem comes when they don't know how.

That's why we need rules posted in the classroom.

A really fun way to teach the rules of the classroom 
is with Rules Rap by Dr. Jean.

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Rules Rap
Follow directions.
Hands and feet to yourself.
Small voices inside,
tall voices on the playground.
Take care of your things.
Keep classroom neat and clean.
Work together, get along and respect each other.

If everyone would do that 
it would be a perfect year!


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