October 3, 2012

How to make a Pop-Up book

Oldies but Goodies
Some books never get so old that they don't have great ideas.
is one of those oldies. 

If you want ideas for pop-up books, step books, flip books,
and many more you can find the instructions here.

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Here is how to make a pop-up book.

When I saw the new 6" robot cut -outs I immediately thought 
they would perfect for a pop-up.
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All I needed was a poem to go with the cut-out.
You can "Google" anything and find just what you need.
I found the perfect poem for my book.

My Robot's Misbehaving

My robot's misbehaving.
It won't do as I say.
It will not dust the furniture
or put my toys away.

My robot never helps me
with homework or my chores.
It doesn't do my laundry
and neglects to clean my floors.

It claims it can't cook dinner.
It never makes my bed.
No matter what I ask of it,
it simply shakes its head.

My robot must be broken.
I'll need to get another.
Until that day, I have to say,
I'm glad I have my mother.
…Kenn Nesbitt

Here is another "Google" find.

are one of nature's most fragile things
but just look what they can do
when they stick together.

(For the answer....
up pops a 

Take a look at all of the cut-outs in the on-line catalog at
www.creativeteaching.com .
Quick search for cut-outs.  
You will find plenty!

Google a poem and make your own pop-up book.


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