October 23, 2012

Check out How to Use and Free Activities

While I am away cruising
I am leaving you some home work.

On most of my posts I invite you to visit the website
to check out the products they offer
like these Cootie Catchers for Halloween.
(Look for these at your local teacher store, too.)

But there is lots more on the website.
Click on the box that says
(Use the clink below and see one of the ideas.
Don't forget to come back to this page.)

This game is really fun, but there are 
lots of other ideas in this section.

Are you back?
Now click on the section that says FREE ACTIVITIES.
(If you click the link below it will take you to one 
of the free activities. Be sure to come back!) 

This is a great All About Me activity.
Copy it and use it right now.

While I am gone have fun
clicking and copying.


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