June 10, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I went to California to work on some display boards that are being sent to stores to show CTP's new product for back to school.  Here is one of the boards that we did.  Notice the new calendar and calendar days that form a pattern as you add the days to the month. 
If you look on the right side you see a little black board that features our new designer cut outs.  They now come in three different sizes.  The 10" ones are called JUMBO designer cut outs.  We added to our existing line of 6" exciting designer cut outs.  In addition, we added new mini  designer cut outs that are 1".  Of all the new product, I had the most fun playing with the jumbo cut outs.  There are 11 different styles of jumbos to choose from.  Here are some things you can do with JUMBOS!
Go to http://www.creativeteaching.com/ and search for jumbo designer cut outs to see all the different styles.

The Jumbo 10" cut outs are perfect for math and word mats.

A math mat is simply a place to hold manipulatives while the student is working the problem.  This is the Chart Card cut out set.  I divided one of the cards into two parts using a marker.  Large buttons are the used as manipulatives.  We are working on the fact family for 6.
           2 + 4 = 6

The Dots on Black Apples cut outs make great word mats.  Write your sentence on a sentence strip  then cut each word apart and scramble the words. 

Arrange the words in the correct order on the word mat.
Use the pointer to read the sentence.

After Kate arranges her sentence on her word mat, she writes it on a sentence strip.  She practices reading the sentence one more time!

Next time, more stuff to do with designer JUMBOS!


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