June 4, 2010

Step on a Spot

For the last four years I have been working for an educational publishing company called Creative Teaching Press.  Being a part of CTP is a joy for me.  I get to do what I love to do with really great people.  CTP is located in Huntington Beach, CA, the surfing capital of the world...not that I ever surf when I am there.  But, when you are the oldest employee in the company you do get special treatment.   Most of the time I work from my home in Texas in my pajamas.  Sometimes, I go to shows like IRA or NAEYC.  My main job there is to talk.  I can do that! 

Recently I decided that I needed some business cards.  They told me I could have some made as soon as I decided what my title was.  It is hard to describe what I really do besides play with product and talk to people.  After much thought and deliberation I finally came up with a title. 
My card says Tommie Netzer....Creative Consultant.  I think that is pretty good.  Creative means I get to take cute stuff and make it cuter.  Consultant means I get to tell everyone what I think and to give my opinion on everything!  That is pretty much what I do. 

Here is an example of my "work".  Marketing sent me a package of 4" black numbers and a package of  Poppin' Pattern designer cutout dots.  They said can you think of something cute that could be made from these?  "Of course!" I said.  "My job is to take cute things and make them cuter!"

A walk- on number line 
 I started with a 12 foot piece of bulletin board paper that was 20" wide. (Here is a tip that I learned from making this the first time....Fold the paper the way you plan to store it before you put anything on it.  Don't put anything on a fold.  Then you will be able to fold it when you finish.  It is impossible to fold in the middle of a dot or number!)  I spaced the dots and numbers along the paper.  When they looked evenly spaced I glued them down.  I added Poppin' Pattern 4" letters to spell Step on a Spot!  That pretty much explains what a kid is supposed to do. A border along the edge finishes off the number line. 

This is my kindergarten friend, Eva, using the number line at her school. 

Here are some things a kid can do on a number line:
  • Walk forward counting as she steps on a spot
  • Start at 20 and count backwards as she steps on a spot
  • On what number is Eva standing?  16
  • What is the number before 16? 15
  • What is the number after 16?  17
  • If Eva stands on the number 1 and steps forward on 5 spots what is the new number?  6  What is the number sentence? 
      1 + 5 = 6

Anything that can be done on a desk-top number line can be done on the walk-on style.  It is just more fun to move your whole self when you do your thinking.

Have some fun!  Take a walk on a number line. 


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