June 2, 2010

Tommie Becomes a Blogger

This is my confession….
I am technologically challenged!
I was quite proud of the power point that I designed recently until I saw the one that my nine year old grandson, Trevor, did on Guatemala. His had 31 slides with pictures and graphs and all sorts of fancy things. Now, he is my technical support on all power points.                             

Since I am so technologically challenged Kelly Murphy, the online marketing guru from Creative Teaching Press, set up my blog and has posted for me in the past. Thanks, Kelly! However, today I shall become a blogger.

Kelly offered me some advice…

• Keep it short and sweet.

• Use pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words!

• Don’t get too commercial.  However, my projects feature wonderful products from Creative Teaching Press. Check them out.   All products can be found at http://www.creativeteaching.com/

• Post often and be personable. Try to create some followers.

Seems like good advice. I will try to follow it.

My husband once told me, “If you could just find something to do with all the ‘dumb stuff’ that you know how to do….” Actually, some folks love my “dumb stuff”.  Perhaps you will, too.

Check in tomorrow for the beginning of “The dumb stuff that Tommie knows how to do!”


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