July 10, 2010


I found a wonderful blog that I would like to share.  It is written by Jo Beth....Ross was her maiden name.  We were best friends with her parents when we lived in Arkansas twenty years ago.  We moved to Texas and sort of lost touch except for letters at Christmas.  The kids have a way of growing up into young adults.  Jo Beth was the "younger sister" of the youth group when my kids were in their teens.  I remember her with frilly socks and bows in her "poofy" hair. 

The link is on the left side of this page under recommend sites bootsmcblog.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  I really like the music that goes with some of the posts.  If you are from the south you will identify with Sweet Tea and the importance of going to the beauty shop on Fridays.  For the best posts (my opinion) click on Tuesday's Child under catagories at the top. 

Remember the rhyme, "Tuesday's child is full of grace."  Jo Beth must have been born on a Tuesday. She is certainly "Full of Grace."   Her photography is great too!  The Old South never looked better.

We leave in just a few minutes to go to Yellowstone National Park.  We are taking our grandson, Trevor.  It is a Disney Vacation to Go.  Last year we went to Washington DC with him.  Disney has a patented way of controlling kids on their trips. 

Looking forward to a great trip and cooler weather.....

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  1. Wow! Mrs. Tommie - thank you so much for the kind comments, the blog post and link to my site. I hope you had a wonderful trip west.