July 1, 2010

Games Galore!

Language and Math Games Galore

  • Grades K-2 are available now
  • Grade 3 available in August
  • three books for each grade level
  • 10 matching games per book
  • full color pictures
  • card-stock pieces
  • ready to use
  • easy to prepare
  • easy to play in a variety of ways
games galore
At CTP we have a new slogan for our books like Games Galore. It is "Buy today...Use tomorrow!" All the Games Galore are ready-to-use books. Each book contains 10 matching games that provide differentiated skills levels....perfect for the response to intervention initiative.

The books are $12.99 which makes each game less than $1.50. That is a deal! The games are easy to prepare. They can be adapted to play in many ways. You can really.... "buy today and use tomorrow!

Each game consists of two pages from the book.
Pieces are perforated so they can be easily separated.
An answer key is provided with each game.

After separaating the pieces store in a ziplock bag along with the answer sheet.
Have you ever played the game Concentration? Like the classic game the object of Games Galore is to find the most pairs of matching cards using visual recall. With Games Galore, the kids are also practicing math or language skills.

A few weeks ago I took some of the games to school to share with a kindergarten class. As you can see we had a great time playing with the games.

cate 1Cate lined the cards up side down on a gridded chart. I made the 3" square grids to keep the cards in order. Having the grid helped the kids remember where the matching cards were. There is a solid black line on the back of each card that helps line up the cards correctly so the cards are not upside down or sideways. Cate is playing alone but she could also play with a friend to see who can make the most matches.
When You Play Alone,
You Are Always the Winner!
cate 3
                              "I did it"
cate 4
games 1
games 2

Adapt the Games
Because the games are printed in color and on card stock they can be easily made into file folder games. Simply glue one piece of the match to the file folder. Save the other half of the match. Laminate the folder and the seperate pieces for durability.

The game is played by matching the cards.  Use the answer key to check the answers.  The game can be played alone or with a friend.

games 3 

Another way to use the cards... 
Have the kids shuffle the cards and then match them in a pocket chart.  This is good for a  center activity because it doesn't require much space.
With Games Galore,
YOU are the WINNER!


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