July 23, 2010

Magnetic Receptor Paper

I had two emails this morning from Sue and Rebecca asking about the magnetic receptor paper.  I found it sort of by accident and fell in love with it. By using it you can turn almost anything into a magnet center. You can contact Jennifer at  teachmart@sbcglobal.net to order it. 

It is made by Dowling Magnets by the division that makes the magnets that go on cars for advertising.  When we first starting using it we had to order it in 200 ft rolls that were 24" wide.  I found for most of my projects pieces of 18" X 24" worked best.  I contacted the manufacturer and asked if they would cut it for me.  Believe me it is worth it to have them cut it! So that is how Jennifer ordered it and sells it. However, it can be cut to any shape with heavy scissors.

It is white vinyl on one side and adhesive on the other side.  I usually attach it to display foam boards from an office supply store.  I carry the boards showing my sample ideas with me for workshops. This is light weight and easy to set up.  The adhesive is VERY sticky!  It can be attached to a wall or door or wherever you want a center.  BUT, be sure to put it where you want it because that is where it will stay.  I usually use a border around the edge (that helps it you don't get it exactly straight.) If you want a small sample send me your address and I will send a 3" square.

In this center the kids arrange the words in order.  The words are from the CTP emergent reader, WHO WILL HELP? The kids practice sequencing what happens in the story.
The little mouse is trying to get some help to pick the apples....No one wants to help until the end of the book when all of the work is done.  When it comes time to eat everyone is willing to help!

In this center the kids arrange the pictures in the correct word family.  (This is a one of the new Language Arts Mini Bulletin Boards from CTP.)

The paper can be cut to any shape with scissors. 
I attached the paper to the back of this apple and cut it to the shape.  Place adhesive backed magnets on the smaller pieces. I use craft magnets attached with glue dots.  Works great!

Sue and Rebecca, I hope this helps.  If you have more questions when you start to work with the paper let me know. 

To Jane,
Thanks for the kind note.  I wasn't sure anyone was out there reading my rambling thoughts.  We can both give praises for our blessings!!!


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