May 25, 2011

Book Buddy Report

Here are some of the ideas that I received for using the Book Buddy Bags.

From Mary in Hutchinson, KS
I am really excited to hear that I may be able to win some book buddy bags because I was planning on purchasing some of these this summer! I have been buying CDs this school year to help some of my struggling readers hear fluency and then practice reading the book aloud to practice fluency. I have books with CDs stashed all over my classroom and nothing to keep them in. These book bags will really help me to get organized and make it easier for my students to check the books out from me.

From Roberta in Medina, NY
Thank you!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness! I can think of many things to use the bags for! I would like to have my Kindergarten children take home books for their nightly bedtime story. Many children do not have books at home for their parents to read to them, so we provide the books.

These durable plastic bags could hold the books and perhaps some extra items like ideas for reading and maybe a little reading "buddy".

I can think of more but now that I typed this, I am really invested in this idea!!!!!!

This is my favorite from Ana because she is my long-distance fan.  I love her excitement about everything.  We take so many things for granted in our country.

Hello Tommie!

Today I have received the bags!

They are fantastic! I am going to use with my pupils of course! I want to go USA, because I like very much all the educational material which you have in your classes.

Thank you very very much

You are very nice, I will follow you in your blog!

Greetings from Spain!

She wants to come to the USA.  I would love to visit her in Spain. 
Maybe we can work something out!!!!

This is from Paige in Illinois
I am a second grade teacher in Bourbonnais, Illinois, and I have recently become a follower of yours! You have so many beautiful, creative and useful ideas! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

I would love to use the durable bags in my classroom for thematic units of study. Each month; my students learn about something "fun" outside of our set curriculum. For example; this month, we are doing an ice cream unit. I always have my students create a file folder to hold all of their work/supplies; but everything easily gets lost and falls out. These adorable bags would be a blessing to my students to use to hold all of their creative things.

Thank you so much for considering me!

We had such a great time doing this.  It was fun to read all the entries.  I am sorry that I ran out of inventory before I got to everyone.  I was at CTP last week.  We decided that this was such a great success that we would do some sort of give away each month. 

                   (I feel like Oprah! Just don't expect any cars!) 

              Stay tuned to see what we do next. 



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