May 28, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This is one of my favorite books.
It is now available as an e-book which means you can order it now
and begin downloading it immediately.
CTP 2399EB

This is one of the pages for June.
The "guy with a tie" would make a great Father's Day card. 
It would be interesting to see how the kids filled in the blanks
about their dads.

Shirts and ties are traditional Father's Day presents.
I wonder how many dads still wear ties to work.
The days of Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best are over.

Brain Williams reported on Nightly News this week that
according to the 2010 census only 48% of the homes
in America were headed by married couples.
That is down from 78% in the 1950s.
The number of homes headed by single women was up 20%.

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That is why I like this little book (CTP 4530).
It celebrates all the special people who represent dads to kids.

In the book the teacher asks the kids to make a Father's Day card for their dads. 
One child says, "I don't have a Dad". 
So, they start listing all the important men in their lives
and why they love them.....
fathers, grandfathers, step-fathers, brothers, uncles.
The teacher says, "You can make a card for any man that you love and respect."

This is an activity that you will find on the back cover of the book.

My Dad’s Hug Is This Big!

Ask children to measure their dad’s hug with string.
Tell them to have their dad lie down on the floor and stretch his arms out to the side.
Have them ask a family member to hold one end of the string at the tip of their father’s fingers on one side while they stretch it all the way across to his other fingertips.
Have them cut the string, trace on construction paper both of their dad’s hands, cut out the patterns, and label them.
Tell children to bring the string and the handprints back to school.
Invite them to cut a strip of butcher paper the same length as the string and glue the handprints to each end.
Have them title the paper My Dad’s Hug Is This Big!

This is another project that kids can make as a gift for dad. 
To find detailed instructions on how to make it click on the link below.
It will take you to the CTP website.

This project is made using a wooden picture frame from a craft store. 
 In this picture Trevor and his dad are working on a car
for the Boy Scouts pine-wood derby. 

# 1 DAD for sure.

Click on the link below for instructions.


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(Handy Tools CTP 1794)

Why are dads associated with tools?
Why is a power drill a "man toy"?
Is it about building something?

I think the most important thing a man can build is the character of a child!

Happy Father's Day
to all the men who are doing just that....



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