January 9, 2012

Look What's New!

It's that time again....
CTP announces the new products for 2012!

What is black and white and FUN all over????

The Designer Decor Collection
for this year from CTP is in
Black and White!
Enhanced by touches of color,
this classic color palette is
always in fashion and
adds FUN to your classroom.

The  collection includes both  
BW 6" and 10" Designer Cut-Outs.

They are perfect for cards and frames
for highlighting student work,
 making covers for class books,
and for accents here and there.

Personalize and jazz up newsletters,
announcements, awards, and more with
BW Polka Dot Party Computer Paper.

Colorful BW Name Tags
come in two styles and are perfect
for new students, field trips,
or to label cubbies and books.

Personalize student desks, cubbies or folders with these fun
 BW Name Plates
They come in two different styles....
stripes and dots.

There are 8 new BW Borders.

Some with dots,
some with swirls,
some with flowers,
some with hints of colors,

Some have stars,
some are pennants,
some have stripes.

All are really cute and FUN!

There are also
BW Library Pockets
 BW Happy Birthday Bulletin Board. 

I can't wait to start making things from the
 Black and White Designer Collection!

Watch for CTP's new 2012 catalog
coming soon to a mailbox near you!

I will be at the office in California next week. 
 I get to see and touch it all.
I will give you a report when I get back


  1. Oh my word! It is like they can read my mind. I know I will be getting these come this summer.

    Can't wait to see what you inspire me to do with them.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
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