January 2, 2012

Soldier Boxes

Happy New Year

I got this email this morning and it was such a
good idea that I had to pass it along.
My friend Susan has a passion for taking care
 of the troops wherever they happen to be.
I thought some of you might have some things to share.

I went through my CTP stuff and collected
everything that had a heart on it.

You probably have some things, too.
You can send anything to me or contact your local USO.
Perhaps you like Susan have a passion for the troops.

So, in taking down my Christmas stuff, an idea struck me – if you are getting rid of any of your ornaments or small decorations that you are tired of, could you pass them along to me? I will store them in my attic until this coming November to send to our troops. If, by some miracle, they come home before then, I will donate the items to charity. I usually try to get out to the stores and buy stuff for 75% off, but I don’t know that there’ll be much left this week. Plus it’s hard to buy a gob of stuff when your husband is tagging along with you – you know what I mean, ladies! :-) He was home all last week and really cramped my style! Anyway, if you have anything, you can bring it to church & put it in the soldier box.

Along those lines, if you have any Valentine’s cards or small decorations that you won’t be using this year, I am gearing up to send that out this month so they’ll have the cards in time to send to their loved ones here at home. I will also take any cards on which you’d like to write a message to them. :-) Unfortunately, they get a TON of stuff at Christmas and then all of a sudden, mail slacks WAY off. A card goes a long way to brighten their day! Also, if you’d like to give your grandchildren something to do while they’re out of school, they can draw a Valentine picture or two. Children’s pictures make everyone smile!  (Teachers this would make a great class project.)

2012 Blessings!


If you cannot find a way to donate locally contact me
through my email. tommie.netzer@creativeteahing.com
 I will send you my address.
You can send stuff to me and I will take it to the soldier box. 
 The prepaid boxes from the post office make shipping easy. 
Susan sends out dozens of the boxes every week. 
The $10 size holds a lot of stuff. 
She is in direct contact with a few of the chaplains
 who know what the troops need. 
 Last year at this time they needed sweats and socks to use in the hospital. 
You can never tell what she will ask for.
She always fills the boxes with fun stuff too. 
They love the comics section of the newspapers and old PEOPLE magazines. 
One of their favorites is a birthday party box. 
 I think they just pass the stuff around to whoever has a birthday.

More later...but I wanted to share this today.
What a great way to kick off a new year!

Maybe soon she will not need to send any more boxes!! 


  1. Oh Tommie! I love that you are doing this! I will try to do the same here in my area. God bless you richly!

    Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

  2. This is a wonderful idea. My son is in Afghanistan and he says many soldiers never receive anything!!!! Thanks for all you are doing for our troops!