February 10, 2012

ABC Book

one of CTP's versatile new mini bulletin boards

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You could use The Alphabet to create a word wall,
or to reinforce letter/sound correspondence,
or like we did to simply display the letters.

A few weeks ago I went to Premier Academy with
Jennifer from Teach Mart, a local educational store,
to do some decorating. 

She had furnished the entire center with their
furniture and educational toys and supplies.

We decorated some of the rooms
 to thank them for their business.

Of course, all the rooms were decorated
with the new CTP products.

In this room for three-year olds,
we used the letters to surround the windows.

Close this window

Later, I decided the letters with the cute art would make a great alphabet book.

The 10" Jumbo Poppin' Pattern
cut-outs were perfect for the pages of the book.

I used the pictures to construct the text....A is for alligator, B is for bear.

I just looked at the pictures and made the text match the picture shown with the letter.

I added a few of the
1"mini star cut-outs to each page.

Ring-its hold the book together.

See how versatile The Alphabet can be!!

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  1. OH these look fabulous! I would love to try them out for CTP and give some feedback about them.