February 20, 2012

The Black and White Designer Collection

D is for Designer

Each year the creative folks in Product Development
at CTP come up with a "designer" look for the classroom.

The colors for the designer look are chosen
after much research into what colors
are popular in the marketplace. 

This year our Designer Classroom look
is Black and White with a splash of color. 

I went to Target and Hobby Lobby
to do my own market research.

Look at all the Black and White!

B/W boxes

B/W with a splash of purple
B/W gift wrapping supplies

B/W kitchen stuff

B/W for the bath

B/W bowls of every size

B/W plates and napkins

CTP took B/W to the limit!
I made a sampler of some of the new products
from the new B/W Designer Classroom Collection.
Featured in the sampler are 4 different borders
including one of the new pennant borders,
6" picture frame cut-outs,
two name plates and two name tags.

There are lots more B/W products.
Check the CTP website to see them all.

If you choose to have a Black and White Designer Classroom
you will have plenty of other pieces help spice up your classroom.
Just check out Target or Hobby Lobby
or any other shopping spot close to you. 

All the B/W patterns look great with a splash of color.

This year CTP is Black and White
and fun all over!!!