February 1, 2012

The Keeping Quilt

Challenge of the Week!

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The challenge was to take these two products
and build a lesson around them. 

At the top is one of the new 10" quilt squares.

The second  product is a new mini bulletin board kit
Literacy Elements
which contains teaching ideas for several lessons
including characters, characterization, setting,
theme, mood, symbols, and more.

I spent today with a fifth grade class.
We made a quilt based on Patricia Polacco's
The Keeping Quilt.

From the mini bulletin board kit I chose
three elements to discuss....
characters, characterization, and symbols. 

I gave each person in the class some post-it notes.
As I read the story we identified each character. 
Someone would write the name of the person on a post-it note
and attach it to the character piece of the bulletin board.
The quilt passed through 5 generations so there were several characters.

Anna is one of the main characters of the story so we did the "post-it note thing" to identify the character qualities of Anna.  She was brave, smart, poor, happy, hard-working, loving, and more.

Then we talked about the symbolism of the quilt....again with the post-it notes! We decided that the quilt symbolized many things including faith, love, comfort, joy, family...... 

We had a great time
Here are our pictures. 

In each of the four corners we wrote
something that the quilt symbolized.

In the center square we wrote
The Keeping Quilt
and the names of some of the characters.

Each person added details to the square.
I "quilted" the pieces by attaching them together
with "mavalus" tape (the world's greatest tape!).

We had so much fun!!!

We challenge you to make your own quilt!
The kids offered to write testimonials
 about how much fun they had.

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  1. Words are but symbols for the relations of things to one another and to us; nowhere do they touch upon absolute truth. See the link below for more info.