November 20, 2009

5 Little Monkeys

From Dr. Jean's Five Little Monkeys Reader and Lap Book

A few ideas on how to bring those crazy monkeys to life in your classroom.

Decorate a board to use as a display or a background for a puppet show.

Includes: Monkeys Designer Cut-Outs
Fern Leaves Border

Make a step book of the story and use a tongue depressor for the monkey puppets and a green sock for the alligator puppet.

November 19, 2009

Teachin' Cheap

Teachin' Cheap has a lot of fun and simple ideas.

Here are a few projects that I pulled from this book and used a some other products as well.

Cave – Paper Bag Project, page 11

Includes: Bats, I Used To Be Afraid Of... Science Reader

Caterpillar – Slit Book Project, page 70

Includes: Caterpillars, I Used To Be Afraid Of... Science Reader

Dog House – Sack Project, page 70

Includes: Dogs, I Used To Be Afraid Of... Science Reader

Mouse – Slit Book, page 64

Water Shape – Poof Book, page 76

Includes: Underwater Animals, I Used To Be Afraid Of... Science Reader

Spiders – Tri-Fold Book, page 87

Includes: Spiders, I Used To Be Afraid Of... Science Reader

Graphing Box – Box Project, page 48

Riddle Box – Box Project, page 46

November 17, 2009

Here Comes Granny!

This pop-up book uses:
Transportation Designer Cut-Outs
Granny's Coming 'Round the Mountain
Alternatives to Worksheets

Use this pop-up book activity for a lesson on methods of transportation or about how children may travel during a holiday or summer break.

My preferred method of transportation is the shiny red sports car!!

Birthdays Throughout the Year

Using the Birthday Cupcakes Designer Cut-Outs

Making Memories All Year Long

Here are some of the projects we're working on this week at the NAEYC 2009 convention in Washington, D.C.


These are from Making Memories Month by Month. Here is a class book that was created by Gilbert, a Kindergarten student from Texas. This is a perfect end-of-the-year gift or a creative way to track students' academic progress.

Includes all the ideas and reproducibles you'll need to create a yearlong student scrapbook.