June 30, 2011

I LOVE library pockets

 This is the last time I am posting about library pockets but these are great ideas from Venessa in Plano, TX.  I am posting her blog address because she has pictures and "make and take" directions for each project.

I LOVE library pockets! Here are some of the ways I use them in my classroom:

"Had a turn need a turn": You can see a picture (look behind the yellow chair) of how I select my "Leader of the Day" using library pockets

I use library pockets at the bottom of my word wall to collect "old" words, thematic vocab words, or environmental print. This way the children still have access to them in case they need them for writing workshop.
(first picture at top and again towards bottom of page)

I also have a name chart created using library pockets, you can see a picture and read a description here

Thanks Vanessa and all of you who sent in such good ideas. 

I am leaving on Saturday for an Alaskan cruise with our entire family....
husband, kids, and grandkids. I hope the boat is ready for us! 

I looked at the weather forecast this morning.  On Saturday when we leave, it will be 101 degrees in Texas.  When we board the ship in Seattle it will be 71 degrees. 
A 30 degree temperature drop....I am ready for some of that!

I think it is supposed to rain for several days, but I don't even care. At least it will be cooler.

While I am gone be thinking about special books that you have made with you classes in the past.  Do you have a favorite to share? 

It says...Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things
but just look what they can do
when they stick together.

I have a bunch!!!
But, I will share another with you next time.

Be Back Soon......

June 29, 2011

Check it out!!

Check out this blog.  It is written by one of our winners, Conolley August.  It shows pictures of her library pocket ideas.


I use library pockets for two main purposes in my classroom. First, I use them as a place for the students to store their library cards and library bookmarks for safe keeping. These are the pictures of the pocket posters on the classroom door. Our door is an easy and convenient place for the students to grab their materials as they enter and exit the classroom. I've attached pictures of my library charts from the past two years. The second use for library pockets in my classroom is for the students to make their lunch choices. Each child has his or her own pocket and each morning they place an index card labeled with "hot," "cold," "other," or "milk." The students simply place their choice by placing the word facing to the front making for a quick and easy lunch count.

This is my adaptation. 
I used craft sticks instead of index cards.
We had different food choices.
I used Dots of Turquoise pockets.

I can't wait to see her new Poppin' Pattern creations!
Pick a pack of Poppin' Pattern Pockets. 
How is that for a tongue twister!

She promised to send us pictures of the new look. 

Thanks, Conolley.

June 24, 2011

Pockets of Kisses


A Pocket Full of Kisses
This book is a tender sequel to the bestseller and children's classic
The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.

Chester Raccoon is worried that his mother does not have enough love for both him and his new baby brother.

This review is from http://www.barnesandnoble.com/.
I bought this book for my son when we knew we were expecting another child. We read it so much and we practice pockets full of kisses
every night before he goes to bed as well as when he goes away to school.
I love this book and would recommend it to anyone with children!

Teachers have traditionally read The Kissing Hand  on the first day of school.  This is an especially good book for kindergarten children AND their parents.  Heart stickers on the kids' hands remind them of their parents' love even when they are separated.

Then later, A Pocket Full of Kisses could be read at an open house or a parent visit to reinforce the sentiment of the "kissing hand".

The Dots on Chocolate Library Pockets would be perfect for the suggestion submitted by Katryce Lanspa from Carpentersville, IL.
(Thanks, Katryce....Your pockets are on the way!.)

Every year I read the story A Pocket Full of Kisses to my class. I send a letter home to the parents explaining the book and then ask them to fill the "pocket" with their own kisses...pictures or little notes. Some moms get so creative and the kids keep them in their desks all year.

I love the dots on chocolate!
That's how I decorate my room!
Love them!

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CTP 6919


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Dots on Chocolate heart stickers and library pockets 
 are perfect for the next idea.

First, Kate made bookmarks from strips of tag paper using the new
DOC heart stickers.
Then, she used a DOC library pocket with her name on it
to store the bookmarks.
Now, she can give the hearts away as kissing hands to any one
who might need a "little extra care" or some love.

Your mom can always use a little love from your pocket!

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June 23, 2011

Free Science Cooties

Get your Cooties for free.  Go to the link below to download a sample page from each grade level (2-5) of the  science cooties for FREE.

Free Cooties! Download this FREE Science Cootie Activity (1 each for grades 2-5)


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CTP wanted to include an educational twist to the Cooties Catchers.  Kids learn by repetition and practice. Why not make repetition and practice fun? So we came up with books containing Cootie Catchers that kids could make to practice skills in Math, Language Arts, and Science for Grades 2 through 5.  Each book contains 20 Standards-Based Cookie Catchers which provide a fun and unique approach to practicing and reviewing.

Give it a try for FREE!!

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June 17, 2011

You are a Winner!

                   Who would have thought that  
       there  were so many ways to use library pockets!!!
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I loved all of your ideas. 
It was impossible to choose 12.
So, everyone is a winner.
Anyone who sent me your idea(s) and mailing address
will receive two packages of your choice of
library pockets.

Make up the project that you submitted
and email a picture of it to me. 

I would love to share your great ideas featuring
our great products.

Thanks for playing. 
We will do another give away next month.

If you have not registered as a follower of this blog
why don't you do that now!

We are planning to do something special for just the followers.
Don't be left out! 

June 11, 2011

How Do You Use Library Pockets?

Important!!!! Send information to tommie.netzer@creativeteaching.com .
I cannot respond to you personally on the blog site.

Five years ago Creative Teaching Press formed an Advisory Council made up of personnel from educational stores from different areas
of the United States and Canada. 

The stores are of varying sizes and represent different demographic areas. 

Some are chain stores while some are single stores.

In January each year the council gathers in California for three days
at the CTP office to meet with people from
marketing, sales, and product development. 

The favorite day for all of us is the day we get to work on
product development.
To be directly involved in what the company produces is exciting.

This year Product Development gave us a sneak peek at some new
library pockets in the Designer Classroom colors.

Everyone on the council loved them. 
They had some input on the designs that were chosen.
The main question was, "What do teachers do with them?"

Finally, the library pockets are here and ready to ship.

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CTP6917 Dots on Black

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CTP 6919 Dots on Chocolate

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CTP 6920 Dots on Turquoise

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 CTP 6921 Paisley Doodles

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CTP 6918 Poppin' Patterns

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CTP 6922 Stripes and Stitches

Now, here is the question....
How do you use library pockets?

This is my sample of what to do with them.

Here is where you come in....
Send me your ideas of things to do with library pockets
and you may win a free package of your choice.

Follow these rules:
Send in your unique idea (pictures are ideal) before June 17

You must provide:
your name
email address
mailing address
CTP number and name of the desired library pockets

On June 17, twelve people will be selected to win a free package.
I will post the winners at that time so you can watch for your pockets!

I can't wait to see your ideas and pictures!

June 4, 2011

End of the Year Beach Party

A Beach Party is a perfect way to end the year. 
No Beach?.....No Problem!

All you need is a parking lot and a bunch of kids.
Set up beach towels on the sidewalk.
Don't forget the sunscreen!

You need a plastic wading pool with plenty of water.

Add a few buckets and squirt bottles.

Be sure to explain all the rules!
(Not one child was injured in the making of these pictures!)

The name of the game is
Get Wet!

Everyone lines up behind the cones which are
 several yards away from the water source.

The first person in line races to the water

and fills her or his bucket....

there are no extra points for style.

Then she or he runs back to the cones

and pours the water on the head
of the next person in line.

Soon everyone is thoroughly soaked.

The person who poured the water
goes to the end of the line
and the soaked person races to the water. 
He can take his revenge on the next person in line.

The games goes on until everyone
is laughing and giggling! 

Just like at a real beach,
everyone is tired by the end of the day
and a warm towel feels really good.

If you would like to see all the pictures
of our day at the beach, click on the Smilebox below.

There are so many smiles on the faces of the kids.
It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, too.
Don't forget to crank up the volume for the full affect.

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