October 31, 2012

What I learned in Greece and Other Places

First, I want our friends on the East Coast to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them.  I cannot imagine how hard it must be to have your life turned completely upside down.

We were flying back from Rome on Saturday through Philadelphia. I think we made it out on one of the last planes. It was a bumpy ride but we made it home to Dallas....tired but safe.

I wanted to share with you all my experiences of the last two weeks.  We had a wonderful time practicing for retirement. We traveled to Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey. Surprisingly I met a retired teacher friend in Dubrovnik as we were walking around the city walls.  She was practicing for retirement, too.

I put all my pictures in a Smilebox. My daughter said I needed a Smilebox intervention. I am now limited to sending them only one a week.  I offered to pay anyone in my family $10 to watch this one.

Actually it is really quite good, if I do say so myself.  Be sure to turn on the sound on your computer.  I have lovely music to accompany the pictures. The world is a beautiful place if only me had the time and money to see it all!!! Right now I have no money and I don't think I could make another transatlantic flight if I had to.

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Next time.....
I'll have something more educational for you.

October 23, 2012

Check out How to Use and Free Activities

While I am away cruising
I am leaving you some home work.

On most of my posts I invite you to visit the website
to check out the products they offer
like these Cootie Catchers for Halloween.
(Look for these at your local teacher store, too.)

But there is lots more on the website.
Click on the box that says
(Use the clink below and see one of the ideas.
Don't forget to come back to this page.)

This game is really fun, but there are 
lots of other ideas in this section.

Are you back?
Now click on the section that says FREE ACTIVITIES.
(If you click the link below it will take you to one 
of the free activities. Be sure to come back!) 

This is a great All About Me activity.
Copy it and use it right now.

While I am gone have fun
clicking and copying.

October 18, 2012

Practicing Retirement

For the next two weeks I will be practicing retirement.

Last Sunday we left for a two week cruise. 
After a long flight from Dallas 
we arrived in Venice.

We boarded our ship and 
began our cruise to several Greek islands.

 Next week, we end up in Rome.
Then another long flight home. 

This is the island of Corfu, Greece.
While there we will be learning to cook a classic 
Greek dinner....then eating it!

So much to see and so little time. 

We will spend some time on the Isle of Capri.
I wonder if we will see Cary Grant?
If you don't know who he is, you are too young!

You should check out the DVD of
An Affair to Remember.

Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr....
I don't know whether they were in Italy or Greece
or maybe along the coast of France....
but it really doesn't matter.
It is a wonderful love story.
Warning....Have tissues close at hand.

October 11, 2012

How to make a Step Book

Here is another of my favorites 
Read, Write, and Publish.

This is how to make a step-book.

Step-books are great for recording life cycles.
Butterflies and frogs are easy to do if you use 
CTP mini bulletin board called Life Cycles.
All the pictures are there.

Another use is for teaching ordinal words: 
first, next, then, and last.
I made this book to go with the reader,
Tess Builds a Snowman.
The pages inside show the order
in which the snowman is built.

This is the Five Little Monkeys book that I posted a few weeks ago.
It is good for teaching counting forward and backwards.

This is an "All About Me" book.
It is great for getting to know the kids in your class.

In our class, everyone is "thumb-body " special.

You can also use a step-book to sequence the events in a story.
This is from the reader
Who Will Help".
You will find that no one is willing to help with the work.
But, everyone is willing to help with the eating.
Does that sound familiar?

Take a giant step and make 
a step-book with your class.

October 3, 2012

How to make a Pop-Up book

Oldies but Goodies
Some books never get so old that they don't have great ideas.
is one of those oldies. 

If you want ideas for pop-up books, step books, flip books,
and many more you can find the instructions here.

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Here is how to make a pop-up book.

When I saw the new 6" robot cut -outs I immediately thought 
they would perfect for a pop-up.
Close this window

All I needed was a poem to go with the cut-out.
You can "Google" anything and find just what you need.
I found the perfect poem for my book.

My Robot's Misbehaving

My robot's misbehaving.
It won't do as I say.
It will not dust the furniture
or put my toys away.

My robot never helps me
with homework or my chores.
It doesn't do my laundry
and neglects to clean my floors.

It claims it can't cook dinner.
It never makes my bed.
No matter what I ask of it,
it simply shakes its head.

My robot must be broken.
I'll need to get another.
Until that day, I have to say,
I'm glad I have my mother.
…Kenn Nesbitt

Here is another "Google" find.

are one of nature's most fragile things
but just look what they can do
when they stick together.

(For the answer....
up pops a 

Take a look at all of the cut-outs in the on-line catalog at
www.creativeteaching.com .
Quick search for cut-outs.  
You will find plenty!

Google a poem and make your own pop-up book.